Bugged in a Rug (1968) Full Movie

Bugged in a Rug
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Watch Bugged in a Rug (1968) : Full Movie Online Free Charlie trips on a hole in his carpet and decides the family needs a new one. He buys one but decides to install it himself (rather than hiring a professional). Things do not go smoothly. He gets in hot water with a policeman on the way home and breaks a window with the carpet upon returning.

Title Bugged in a Rug
Release Date Jan 11, 1968
Genres ,
Production Company Walter Lantz Productions
Production Countries
Casts Grace Stafford, Paul Frees
Bessie Beary (voice)
Bessie Beary (voice)
Grace Stafford
Charlie Beary/Junior Beary (voice)
Charlie Beary/Junior Beary (voice)
Paul Frees
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